The conference Contextualizing historical lexicology invites scholars with the interest especially on the theory of historical lexicology including etymology and language contact in history. The aim is to discuss new developments in the reconstruction of Ianguage contacts, loanword layers, individual etymologies as well as the methodologies of etymology and, on a more general level, historical lexicology. The conference further aims at integration of the etymological studies in the framework of theoretical linguistics by investigating the interface of etymology and grammar, development of vocabulary in several languages simultaneously, and the general tendencies of semantic and phonological development.  (Read the whole conference call…)

Invited speakers:

Johanna Nichols, Berkeley, USA
Martine Vanhove, Paris, France
Martin Kümmel, Jena, Germany
Petri Kallio, Helsinki, Finland (in place of Ante Aikio)

The conference also has a Facebook event.

Organized by the project “Inherited and borrowed in the history of the Uralic languages” (funded by Kone Foundation):

Janne Saarikivi
Sampsa Holopainen
Juha Kuokkala
Niklas Metsäranta