Association for Literary Urban Studies

It has come to our attention that members have received fraudulent emails that purport to be sent by the ALUS president (Lieven Ameel), and to be related to ALUS activitiesPlease note that ALUS will NEVER ask its members for bank account details, personal information (such as passwords) or for money transfer.  

The email addresses used by the ALUS president and by the ALUS secretary are respectively: and riikka.p.pulkkinen@helsinki. Please do not respond to emails if they are sent in our name but are not sent from these official mail addresses. 

Please do get in touch with us directly if you become aware of fraudulent activities carried in the name of ALUS. 


The Association for Literary Urban Studies (ALUS) provides an international and interdisciplinary platform for scholars studying the city in literature. It was formerly known as Helsinki Literature and the City Network (HLCN). Membership is free, and all scholars working within literary urban studies are warmly invited to join the association. It welcomes approaches that examine city narratives in a broad understanding, including approaches that combine urban studies, cultural geography, urban planning, future studies, and other relevant fields with the examination of narratives of cities. It aims to foster interdisciplinary research on city literature, including literature written in all languages and encompassing all historical periods. The Association for Literary Urban Studies organizes meetings twice a year in Finland for members residing in Finland or passing through, and one international conference every two years. It aims to cooperate with other international organizations to organize international seminars, conferences and events.


Scholars interested in the city and literature from all fields of study are most welcome to join ALUS. For further information on joining the network you can contact the ALUS secretary Riikka Pulkkinen at riikka.p.pulkkinen [a] or ALUS acting president Lieven Ameel Lieven.Ameel [a]


If you want to add titles of published works in literary urban studies to the ALUS Bibliography (updated frequently), please send the reference details to the Bibliography editor Meeria Vesala: meeria.vesala [at]