Who are we?

We are the students of the Master’s Degree Programme in Intercultural Encounters (ICE) at the University of Helsinki.

This website has been created as a part of Career Clinic course in 2017. The aim of the course is to build a connection between the ICE studies and working life, improve networking skills and get to know about job opportunities in Finland. The course consists of three main activities including organization of an event or discussion, interview and the creation of this website. You can get to know about the results of our work by visiting each section.


Aliaksei Babets 

Bianca Benini

David Veney

Fekla Khromova-Borisova

Jeffrey Rukoro

Laura Ruohonen

Roberta Estus

Taleja Menzel

Vejay Nair

Course teacher:

Saara Rautanen-Uunila