The panel discussion took place on 26th of March in Think Corner. Experts attending the panel:

Päivi Kuusela, 3stones

Lived in Asia for 15 years. As a 3rd culture child she has a toolbox of personal experience. She is fluent in Chinese. She came to Helsinki for university studies. She started her career with training Finns about how to do business with the Chinese. She feels herself more Asian than Finn.

Salla Hänninen, Palava Global

She is a linguist and moved to England for studies at the age of 20. In England she noticed that with her English friends she had problems with communicating although they all were speaking the same language. Because of this experience, she became interested in intercultural issues. Her main interest is in the differences and problems of the cultural business relations. To solve these problems, communicating with other people is the key. To do your work well in any field, you need a good team. At the same time, you must roll up your sleeves and work hard to get what you want to achieve.

Jaakko Soiva, ABE Consulting

He has always been interested in languages. He wanted to learn Spanish so well that he can work in a Spanish speaking country. He has worked in several Spanish speaking work environments. In addition to language studies, he has studied global business. He started to help a friend with an innovation and suddenly it went global. Now he has a small company. He is working with consulting and learning disabilities/problems. In his consulting work he helps companies to expand their business outside Finland.

Panelists Päivi Kuusela, Salla Hänninen and Jaakko Soiva discuss how their educational backgrounds relate to their professional careers.



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