Phenomenology and Qualitative Research

Sometimes I think that the more I teach research and philosophy of science the more impossible the job is. Since 1976 most of my teaching service has focused on designing and offering courses, seminars and workshops for doctoral students preparing dissertation research. Here are various papers, presentations, statements, exercises, syllabi, and lectures from 11 different courses. These courses were taught at Northern Illinois University, Syracuse University, the University of New Mexico, Beijing Normal University, the University of Tampere, the University of Helsinki and Tallinn University. To my way of thinking the heart of research is a researcher’s convictions and sense of purpose. Have reached a point where all my research courses are invitations to students to become more personal with their work, to take charge, and to transcend studentship into scholarship.

Published papers, articles, chapters and manuscripts



Presentations and Exercises

Congruence In Research Exercise – Phenom_Dev_Exercise-HY


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