What is INBIOS?

 INBIOS is a multi- and interdisciplinary research community focusing on processes that shape biodiversity in terrestrial ecosystems. As an integral part of research it strives to familiarize doctoral students with the wide range of different tools and approaches that can be used in the study of biological diversity, and its evolution, ecology and conservation from species level to that of ecosystems. Strengthening existing collaborations will have a great effect on the quality and impact of our research and research training.

 Our principal investigators work in three faculties (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Science) and in the Finnish Museum of Natural History, and have excellent, complementary competence in the field, laboratory and theoretical aspects of biodiversity research. Together we can tackle globally important, large-scale biodiversity issues, and through our extensive national and international collaborations we will have a strong impact on biodiversity knowledge and can provide our students with a truly global frame of reference.

 We are actively involved in a wide range of research, including the genetic diversity, systematics and evolutionary biology of bacteria, fungi, animals and plants, population and community ecology, in situ and ex situ conservation, and management of biodiversity data. We also study biotic and abiotic interactions, stresses, reaction mechanisms, adaptation, environmental cues and acclimation, not to mention anthropogenic effects and spatial dynamics, and pedagogical issues related to biodiversity teaching in higher education.

 The value of our integrative research community is not only in the diversity of disciplines involved and tools at hand, but also in the wide spectrum of spatial, temporal, physiological and evolutionary scales. We believe that bridging gaps between these scales is an important key in obtaining novel results and in advancing scientific biodiversity knowledge. Through our doctoral training program we aim to educate highly skilled experts with a deep understanding of biodiversity science and competence in its practical applications.

Principal investigators of INBIOS are

  • Aphalo, Pedro Jose
  • Blomster, Jaanika
  • Enroth, Johannes
  • Hänninen, Heikki 
  • Korpelainen, Helena
  • Niskanen, Tuula 
  • Pellikka, Petri 
  • Rikkinen, Jouko   
  • Savolainen, Riitta
  • Schulman, Leif
  • Tuittila, Eeva-Stiina
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