The work in the project is divided into five work packages, two intensive programmes (IP) and two multiplier events.

Each university has the main responsibility and a leading role in one work package, which is leading to one intellectual output:

O1 National and European journals analysis – Leading organisation: University of Helsinki (UH)

O2 Methodical guidelines for inclusive participative case studies IPAS – Leading organization: University College Dublin (UCD)

O3 Methodology for building reflexive groups BUREG – Leading organization: University of Ghent (UG)

O4 Practice guide – Leading organization: Charles University (CU)

O5 Curriculum/elective module (course) – Leading organization: Higher Institute of Social Work of Porto (Cooperativa de Ensino Superior de Serviço Social, ISSP)

In addition to responsibilities connected to the five work packages above, UCD and UG are responsible for two intensive programmes (in Dublin and in Ghent). ISSSP and CU are responsible for multiplier events (a conference in Porto and a seminar in Prague). ISSSP has the main responsibility for dissemination activities, with strong participation of UH. All partners will be engaged in all activities, delivery of outputs and dissemination.