Program 2023

Keynotes are streamed online. Zoom link here.

The workshop is held in Porthania building at the University of Helsinki (Yliopistonkatu 3), room P673. To register for the on-site workshop, please email institutional.epistemology(at)

All times are in EEST (i.e. the local time in Helsinki).

Tuesday 20 June 
10:40Registration, tea & coffee

Keynote: Alison Wylie, University of British ColumbiaThe Epistemic Relevance of Diversity: Standpoint Theory and the Achievement Thesis

Commentator: Marion Godman (Aarhus University)
12:25Gonzalo Velasco Arias, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Markers Of The Epistemic Solidarity Decision In Online Communication Contexts
14:40Iris Lechner, Jeroen de Ridder, René van Woudenberg, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Towards an Institutional Epistemology of Universities
15:20Rebecca Korf, University of California Irvine
Taking the Social Structure of Science Seriously when Debating Value Influence
16:20Felix Kopecky & Gregor Betz, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Inconsistent Belief Aggregation in Diverse and Polarised Groups: A Computational Study
17:00Rutger van Oeveren, The University of Texas at Austin
Higher-Order Judgment Aggregation: An Impossibility Result
18:00Keynote: Daniel Steel, The University of British Columbia (online)
with Kian Mintz-Woo, University College Cork
Unilateral Action on Climate Change and the Moral Obligation to Take Leadership
Commentator: Simo Kyllönen (University of Helsinki)
19:20End of day 1
Wednesday 21 June 2023
9:45Tea & Coffee
10:00Keynote: Elizabeth Anderson, University of Michigan
The Inherent Tension between Managerial and Professional Knowledge
Commentator: Antti Kauppinen (University of Helsinki)
11:35Eva Schmidt, University of Münster 
Internal Exclusion and Epistemic Injustice in Deliberative Mini Publics
12:05Millicent Churcher, Freie Universitat Berlin
Epistemic Apprenticeship as an Institutional Commitment
14:00Matthias Brinkmann, LMU Munich (online)
Philosophical Expertise, Epistocratic Privilege, and the Epistemic Division of Labour
14:40Ned Howells-Whitaker, University of Pittsburgh
Free, Wise, and Friendly: Plato’s Institutional Epistemology
15:50Säde Hormio, University of Helsinki
Institutional Responsibility Inside an Echo Chamber
16:30Jordi Fairhurst Chilton, Universitat de les Illes Balears and KU Leuven
Deep Moral Disagreements and Moral Progress
17:20Nader Shoaibi, Gonzaga University (online)
The Conspiracy Theorist’s World and Genealogy
18:00End of day 2
Thursday 22 June
10:00Maria Lasonen Aarnio, University of Helsinki
Questions and Inquiry
11:00Lily Tappe, Hamburg University
Wilful Ignorance in Organisations – From Culpability to Criminality
11:55Paul Howatt, Indiana University, Bloomington
Deliberative Community: Joining Dewey and Deliberative Systems
12:35Marco Meyer, University of Hamburg
The Epistemic Vices of Corporations
13:15Samuli Reijula, University of Helsinki
Diversity-trumps-ability theorem and epistemic democracy