Enabling Google Universal Analytics with Beehive Pro


This guide explains how to utilize “Beehive Pro”plugin to enable Google Universal Analytics monitoring on your blog. If you prefer using Google Analytics 4, please follow Google’s own instructions at https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/9304153. Note that Beehive Pro does not currently support viewing GA4 reports directly from WordPress dashboard.

Step 1: Create Google Analytics Account.

    1. Go to analytics.google.com and create an account (or log in to an existing account).
    2. Click “Admin” -> “Create Account”
    3. Name your account, select your data sharing preferences and click “Next”
    4. Name your property, click “Show Advanced Options” and enable “Create a Universal Analytics Property”.
    5. Fill in the website URL (https://blogs.helsinki.fi/yourblog). Please take extra care to fill in the correct address – tracking won’t work if its not.
    6. Click “Create a Universal Analytics property only” and click “Next”. Note: you can also create a UA4 property even though we’re not going to provide instructions. Make sure to fill the rest of the fields if you do.
    7. Fill in the Business Information (optional) or skip.
    8. Click “Create” and acknowledge the Terms of Service Agreement.
    9. Finally, click “Tracking Info” and “Tracking Code” (Under “property”). You should see a Tracking ID (i.e. “UA-1234567-00”). Write it down or copy-paste it to notepad.

Step 2: Setup the Beehive Pro plugin

    1. Go to blogs.helsinki.fi and log in
    2. Navigate to “Beehive Pro” -> “Google Analytics” and click “Account”.
    3. Find your Universal Analytics Tracking ID. Write/paste it to the field called “Tracking ID” and click “Save Changes”.
Analytics should work.You can confirm this by navigating to your blog page and checking the “Real-time report” at Google Analytics home screen.

Step 3: Setup an analytics dashboard to WordPress

    1. Open your blogs.helsinki.fi dashboard and navigate to “Beehive Pro” -> “Accounts”.
    2. Click “Connect with Google” and log in to your Google Analytics account. Allow Beehive Pro to access your analytics data when prompted. After clicking “Allow” twice, you should see a rather lengthy “Sign in code”.
    3. Copy the code and return to blogs.helsinki.fi dashboard. Paste the access code to the “Access code” field (located just under the “Connect with Google” button).
    4. Activate the statistics tab by navigating to “Beehive Pro” -> “Settings” and activate “Show the statistics tab in the WP Admin sidebar”.
New “Statistics” tab should appear to dashboard (refresh the page if it doesn’t). You can confirm that everything is working by browsing you own blog and utilising “Real-Time Visitor” report (be sure to give consent to marketing/tracking cookies, or otherwise your browsing won’t appear in statistics).
That’s it, you’re done!