Thursday 17.10.

9:15     Opening

9:30     Keynote: Professor Barbara Katz Rothman (City University of New York & University of Eastern Finland): Resisting Industrialization: Putting the People Back In

11:00     Paper session 1. Chair Karoliina Snell

  • Aliia Nizamova (European University, St Petersburg, Russia): Reconfiguring Agency: Ageing with Dementia in Nursing Home
  • Johanna Ahola-Launonen (Aalto University, Finland): “We must discuss the ethics of designer babies before they are here” – hope and hype as players in healthcare policy

11:45     Coffee/Tea Break

12:15     Paper session 2. Chair Venla Oikkonen

  • Margaret MacDonald (York University, Canada): The image world of infographics: the case of global maternal health
  • Elina Helosvuori (University of Helsinki, Finland): (In)tangible technologies of reproduction
  • Magdalena Radkowska-Walkowicz (University of Warsaw, Poland): Growth hormone. (In)tangible technology in the experience of Turner syndrome
  • Andrea Ford (University of Chicago, USA): More than just a calendar: period tracking apps and the datafication of fertility, self-care, and hormonal health

13:45     Lunch Break

14.45     Paper session 3. Chair Malgorzata Rajtar

  • Heidi Härkönen (University of Helsinki, Finland): Food, Pharmaceuticals and Everyday Understandings of Health in Contemporary Havana, Cuba
  • Katarzyna Ewa Król (Institute of Philosophy & Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland): Medicalised foodscapes. Case study of rare metabolic diseases in Poland
  • Terhi Kangas & Ricardo Ayala (Ghent University): Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Patients’ Empowerment and Self-care Agency
  • Zofia Boni (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland): (Dis)Assembling Weight: Children’s ‘Overweight & Obesity’ in Poland

16.15     Coffee/Tea Break

16.45     Keynote: Professor Vincanne Adams (University of California in San Francisco, USA): (In)tangibility and The Swirl of Data: More-Than-Human Speculation About Chemical Harms from Food

18.15     Reception (Venue: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies)


Friday 18.10.

10.15     Keynote: Dr Christine Aicardi (Kings College London, UK): Imaginaries (and likely realities) of health care futures with AI, big data and algorithms

11.45     Coffee/Tea Break

12.15     Paper session 4. Chair Aaro Tupasela

  • Maiju Tanninen (Tampere University, Finland): Enacting well-being in the practices of smart insurance products
  • Charlotte A Tschider & Krista Kennedy (DePaul University & Syracuse University, USA): The International Regulatory Impasse of AI-Enabled Devices
  • Mikko Jauho (University of Helsinki, Finland): Measuring the Intangible: Green Care and the Calculation of Nature’s Contribution to Health and Well-Being

13.30     Lunch Break

14.30     Paper session 5. Chair Heidi Härkönen

  • Heta Tarkkala (University of Helsinki, Finland): Individualizing cancer care – human, disease and technology entanglements in data
  • Ekaterina Borozdina (European University, St Petersburg, Russia): Navigating uncertainty: evidence-based medicine and institutional constrains in Russian healthcare

15.30     Final discussion and closure of the symposium