2022 Board

Structure of CISSI’s Board

Many diverse individuals make up the board of CISSI, with six individuals taking the core positions for an entire year. Any student in the Faculty of Social Sciences is welcome to join the board be you Finnish, on exchange, a master’s student… we welcome you all!


Contact the board: international.cissi [at] gmail [dot] com.

Chair: Sami Salovaara

The chair is responsible for the overall operations and functions of CISSI. They attend meetings, coordinate the team (and the paperwork), and often give the welcome presentation to new students.

Vice-Chair & Student advocacy: Ilmari Läntinen

A good student advocate ensures that CISSI provides a platform to represent the international Master’s students from the Faculty of Social Sciences. They will do so by working closely with Kannunvalajat on study affairs matters.

Secretary: Alexis Engrand

The secretary takes the minutes of CISSI’s board meetings, writes the regular newsletter, and- with the chair- coordinates the website. They are also the data protection officer.

Events & Treasurer: Jenni Kirkinen

The treasurer looks after CISSI’s money. They  produce the financial plans for the year ahead, and reports for the year past. In CISSI the treasurer is also responsible for employability issues.

The events officer ensures varied, fun and suitable events are organised by CISSI. They also attend the premises committee to ensure the spaces CISSI shares are looked after and respected.

Deputy Members

2021 Spring

2021 Autumn