Research Methods for Islamic Banking and Finance Law: Interdisciplinary Research Method

By Sanaa Kadi,

The study presents an original guideline for choosing valid research methods when analyzing Islamic banking regulations and Islamic finance laws. It presents a theoretical model that explains the complexity of the field of Islamic banking and finance, provides legal scholars with a brief analysis of the various issues and challenges that may arise while researching Islamic banking and finance law, and offers different possibilities and solutions to progress and supply high-quality research into Islamic finance. Research on Islamic finance in recent decades has produced extensive literature; however, most of it is descriptive and lacks standard research methods. This creates uncertainty for young scholars and graduate students about the method that should be adopted to address the legal approach to Islamic banking and finance. The outcome of the study leads to the fact that due to the complexity of the subject, multiple research disciplines may interfere with each other in answering different research questions. Accordingly, various solutions have been proposed to help researchers and students with their choices. The study offers an original and unique standard for legal scholars in approaching Islamic banking and finance law.

To see the full text:

Kadi, S. (2022). Research Methods for Islamic Banking and Finance Law. European Journal of Islamic Finance9(2), 1-8.