NOTE: Updated April 13th.

9:30–9:40: Opening remarks (Dr. Lasse Lehtonen)

9:40–10:20: Prof. Eero Tarasti: Reflections of Japanese culture in the Europe: A Finnish point of view

10:20–11:50: Premodern Japanese music
– Juha T. Koskinen: Taizōkai and Kongōkai Mandala Rites in Ōhara Tendai Shōmyō
– Miika Pölkki: Ancient soundscapes in Japan: wind-gods, mute writing and voiced realities
– Prof. Takashi Tokunaga: Hybridity in Japanese music: focus on “Sugaguchi goiwai”

11:50–12:50: Lunch

12:50–14:20: Japanese music and modernity
– Dr. Lasse Lehtonen: “Taishō Democracy” and music
– Henri Pitkänen: Invention, Abeyance, and Revival of the Okraulo
– Prof. Akira Kobayashi: Japanese piano concertos since the 1960s

14:20–14:30: Break

14:30–16:00: Syntheses of the East and the West
– Natsuki Niwa: My methodology ~Borrowing from the idea of Japanese calligraphy~
– Prof. Rica Narimoto: My Compositional Approaches – Focusing on the Works Inspired by Traditional Japanese Music
– Nuutti Huhtilainen: Challenging cultural borders: Western and Japanese elements in Tōru Takemitsu’s November Steps

16:00–16:15: Break

16:15–17:45: Musical Japanese-ness and globalism
– Prof. Kai Lassfolk: Japanese music technology in the project studio of the 1980s
– Sechun Tony Uhm: The Japan-ness in the Music of Ryuichi Sakamoto
– Prof. Chieko Mibu: The Japanese-ness in the Pop Culture: J-pop and Visualism

17:45–18:00: Closing remarks (Dr. Lasse Lehtonen)