Group photo in Spring 2023


Dr. Janne Soininen, Professor of Spatial Environmental Research


Dr. Anette Teittinen,  post doctoral researcher

Project: The coupling of terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity in forests and its implications for ecosystem functions


Dr. Ramiro Martin Devasa, post doctoral researcher

Project: BIOISLAND – Biodiversity loss in freshwaters under changing environment – lessons from island diatoms


Dr. James de Haast, post doctoral researcher

Project: ACTNOW – Advancing understanding of Cumulative Impacts on European marine biodiversity, ecosystem functions and
services for human wellbeing


Dr. Wenfei Liao, post doctoral researcher

Project: Integrating urban studies with art: Effects of urban land use on blue space and bioaccumulation of heavy metals in aquatic food webs


Dr. Zhenyuan Liu, post doctoral researcher

Topic: Geographical patterns in taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity of Odonata


MSc. Sonja Aarnio, PhD student

Project: The effects of salinity stress, nutrients and biodiversity on ecosystem functioning in rock pools


MSc. Janne Heikkinen, PhD student

Project: Understanding the variation of benthic algal biomass and biodiversity in relation to local climate, light conditions, and water chemistry in subarctic ponds


MSc. Laura Castaneda Gomez, PhD student

Project: The joint effects of water brownification and eutrophication on aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem functions


MSc. Guohao Liu, PhD student

Project: Taxonomic and functional homogenization of freshwater communities


Erkki Järvinen, MSc student

Marjut Kaarsalo-Koskela, MSc student

Paula Laksela, MSc student

Joel Lehtinen, MSc student

Petri Manninen, MSc student

Emma Sinisalo, MSc. student


Former members:

Dr. Yuan Xu, Visiting Professor

Dr. Caio Graco Roza, post doctoral researcher

Dr. Jianjun Wang, Senior Researcher

Dr. Mathieu Cusson, Visiting Professor

Dr. Sandra Meier, post doctoral researcher

Dr. Jenny Jyrkänkallio-Mikkola, PhD student

Dr. Jenni Korhonen, PhD student

Dr. Virpi Pajunen, PhD student

Dr. Laura Virtanen, PhD student

Dr. Leena Virta, PhD student

Anna Gavioli, visiting PhD student

MSc. Rui Ma, visiting PhD student

Siwen He, visiting PhD student

Dr. Jing Liu, visiting PhD student

Dr. Angelica Righetti, visiting PhD student

MSc. Wenqian Zhao, visiting PhD student

MSc Johanna Karhu, project researcher

Sanna Aitto-oja, MSc. student

Natalia Erfving, MSc. student

Sara Filla, MSc. student

Janne Heikkinen, MSc. student

Ida Hiltunen, MSc. student

Laura Hynynen, MSc. student

Jessica Järvinen, MSc. student

Hanne Kauppila, MSc.  student

Kari Kohtala, MSc. student

Petrina Köngäs, MSc. student

Liisa Kallajoki, MSc. student

Antti Kinnunen, MSc. student

Arja Ojaranta, MSc student

Sonja Pekkola, MSc student

Olli Rantamäki, MSc student

Toni Ruikkala, MSc. student

Markus Sirviö, MSc. student

Tiina Stigzelius, MSc. student

Simon Strömgård, MSc. student

Vilja Tupola, MSc. student

Iiris Vilo, MSc. student

Inka Voutilainen, MSc. student

Chih-Fu Yeh, research assistant

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