Selected Historical Tools and Datasets

Selection, 15-04-2019

Tools for doing individual digital humanities research

LAS – Language analysis service, with a particular focus on Finnish

Octavo – interface for digital humanities research based on text collections with associated metadata

Khepri – a Modular View-Based Tool for Exploring Historical Sociolinguistic Data

CORE – contextual reader

ARPA – Entity linking service

Linked data tools

  • Aether, a tool for exploring statistics of Linked Data datasets
  • Snapper, an editor for the Turtle serialization of RDF
  • VISU, a visual SPARQL query tool

WW1LOD – Linked open reference dataset on the First World War

  • Homepage including documentation and further links

Semantic Finlex – Linked open data version of Finnish legislation and case law

  • Homepage including documentation and further links

DHIntro – Jupyter notebooks for learning the fundamentals of programming (for humanists)

Miscellaneous dataset conversions into linked data