Labour, Mobility & Capital (LaMoCa) 

Labour, Mobility & Capital (LaMoCa) is a research seminar organised at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

The aim is to engage in critical thinking, to discuss theoretical perspectives and to delve into the everyday aspects of labour, mobility, and capital.

Please sign up to join the seminars. Draft papers can be circulated among participants. Please also contact us if you would like to present a paper at the seminar. (olivia.maury(at)

Seminars Spring 2023

Fridays 14.00-15.30, U35, room 344

17.2. Olivia Maury: The tendency of entrepreneurship and diametric dynamics of partition and reconnection in the gig economy 

17.3 Antti Tarvainen: Outsourcing high-tech in the occupied West Bank: Palestinian techies and the limits of settler colonialism

21.4 Daria Krivonos: Theorising labour and race from Europe’s periphery: East European migrant labour, ambivalent whiteness and viable solidarities

12.5 Elisabeth Wide: The Feeling of Freedom and Unfreedom in Au Pairing: Probing Unfree Labour from the Perspective of Social Reproduction

Labour, Mobility & Capital (LaMoCa) is organised at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki organised by sociologists Olivia Maury, Elisabeth Wide and Lena Näre supported by Tackling Precarious and Informal Work in the Nordic Countries (PrecaNord, Future Challenges in the Nordics programme).