Workshop, 11–12 June 2024 Ghent, Belgium

The second workshop of the research group Labour Law and Lifelong Learning was held in the University of Ghent.

The two-day workshop consists of several interesting presentations concerning the different dimensions of lifelong learning in labour law. In the presentations, the relationship between lifelong learning and labour law was examined from the perspective of individual and collective labour law as well as labour market regulation. Both EU and national level regulation and institutions were analysed in the presentations.

Workshop, 25-26 May 2023 Helsinki, Finland

The two-day workshop on Lifelong Learning and Labour Law was successfully held at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Law. The event featured a series of fascinating  presentations that explored the intricate relationship between labour law and lifelong learning, with a special emphasis on various national characteristics, institutional frameworks, EU regulations, and the pivotal role played by different stakeholders.