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Karimies on light and darkness of faith

Ilmari Karimies gave a paper today in the monthly seminary of PMP reseach unit. His topic was: “Light of faith and the darkness of reason. Luther’s rejection of the natural light of reason in discerning moral principles.” Mr. Karimies is … Continue reading

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Short history of recent Finnish Luther studies

Petri Järveläinen has written a concise account of recent Finnish scholarship on Luther in his blog:

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Future of Luther studies

Risto Saarinen arranged a workshop in Helsinki under the title “Future of Luther studies”, which aimed at identifying topics of current research that will continue to be relevant to Luther studies in the future. The contributions together with some additional articles … Continue reading

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Arffman on Lutheran poor relief

Kaarlo Arffman has published a study in Finnish on early Lutherans’ attempts to solve the problem concerning the poor relief. The book entitled “Auttamisen vallankumous. Luterilaisuuden yritys ratkaista köyhyyden aiheuttamat ongelmat” has been published by the Finnish Society of Church … Continue reading

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Study Luther’s theology in Helsinki (spring 2009)

Lectures on Luther’s theology will give an overview of the Reformator’s theology. A special emphasis is laid on such topics as theology and philosophy, theology of love and doctrine of Trinity. Results of the recent Finnish scholarship on Luther’s theology … Continue reading

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