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I’m a doctoral researcher in the World Politics at the University of Helsinki. Also doing my PhD as part of an Academy of Finland research project at the Department of Economics, Aalto University. Working title for the dissertation, to be written in an article format, is The politics of corporate tax information.

In previous years, I have been authoring and co-authoring several books e.g. on tax havens, on role of consultants in Finnish democracy, on the Bretton Woods institutions, and on development policy issues. I have also worked as a researcher in Finnwatch, writing analyses on tax practices of Finnish multinational corporations, and as an advocacy and policy officer at Kepa, the umbrella organization for the Finnish development NGOs.

My Master’s thesis was published in 2007 with a title Sovereign ventures? Transborder corporations and the politics of offshore. It is available at the website of the Accountancy affairs and the public interest journal.

Interested in opportunities and networking related to the analysis of the corporate tax avoidance, tax havens, role of consultants and experts in policy making, and development policy related issues. Email: matti.v.ylonen ät gmail.com

Some other works in English:

– A Finnwatch report on the role of holding companies in the corporate structures of Finnish multinational companies published in January 2014 (executive summary in English)

– A Finnwatch report on the tax avoidance by the Nordic healthcare giant Attendo published in October 2013 (executive summary in English, report co-authored with Henri Purje)

Understanding Finland’s eurocentric surge. Article at the Fresh thinking magazine of the Foundation for European progressive studies in early 2013.

Illegal capital flight from developing countries. A report co-authored for Kepa in 2009.