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Welcome to our blog to explore who we are and what we do! Our group studies the rapidly changing northern lakes, catchments and seas, and their interactions with each other and climate, from a temporal perspective. We look into the more recent and much deeper past of changing ecosystems via biological and geochemical information collected from sediment traps, sediment cores and other environmental samples. We are based at the Environmental Change Research Unit in the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Maija Heikkilä, Group Leader, Maija’s profile

Ana Lúcia Lindroth Dauner, Postdoctoral Researcher (2021-), Ana’s profile

Tiia Luostarinen, Doctoral Researcher (2018-), Tiia’s Profile

Lilia Orozco, Doctoral Researcher (2020-), Lilia’s Profile

Mingzhen Zhang, Doctoral Researcher (2021-), Mingzhen’s Profile

Meri Mäkelä, Doctoral Researcher (2022-), Meri’s Profile

Sohvi Railo, MSc student (2021-)

Meeri Näppilä, MSc student (2021-)

Rebekka Salmi, MSc student (2022-)

Vilma Koljonen, MSc student (2023-)

Graduated alumni:

MSc 2023 Heini Mäkelä

MSc 2023 Anna Leppänen

MSc 2023 Antti Jokelainen Thesis

MSc 2021 Meri Mäkelä Thesis

MSc 2021 Maxime Courroux Thesis

MSc 2020 Tuuli Lehtosalo Thesis

MSc 2019 Benjamin Redmond Roche (PhD student at Royal Holloway University of London) Thesis