Kruununhaka Underground

What Kruununhaka Underground?

KrunaUG is a business name for a one-man-company conducted by me. Music-wise I am concentrating on performing, producing and researching mainly popular, electronic and experimental music; see the separate lists about my associated acts, performances, sound recording production projects, and so forth as the sub pages of this blog space. The blog posts on this site will introduce bits and pieces of the projects I have been involved or worked with during the last twenty years. You can consider this site as a personal portfolio of my musical activities; as well as a tribute to all those excellent projects I have been honoured to be part of.

The name Kruununhaka Underground, occasionally erroneously associated with the University of Helsinki Electronic Music Studio, was coined by Sami Rouhento during the Cessna meets Nu Science session where we recorded a collaborative track Maatamo – thanks Sami! For years KrunaUG was literally located “underground” in the cellar whereas the University of Helsinki Electronic Music Studio was one floor up – on the ground.

This site concentrates on the performance and production side of my music activities. The drier academic and research related music projects are introduced in the University of Helsinki research portal, and in FinEARS. The projects specifically related to Erkki Kurenniemi’s electronic musical instruments are introduced in a dedicated blog and in the ProjectQRZ facebook.