Matti Näsi Dr. Soc.Sci


About me

I am currently working as University Lecturer at the Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy at University of Helsinki. I am also co-coordinator (together with Petri Danielsson) of the National Crime Victim Survey (Kansallinen Rikosuhritutkimus, KRT). My main research interests lie within the online context, largely in relation to youth delinquency, media criminology, and cybercrime.

In the past i worked as a postdoctoral researcher for Kone Foundation funded Hate Communities: A Cross-National Comparison project at University of Turku. In my doctoral dissertation I examined the role and implications of the new ICTs in different aspects of the everyday life. I received my PhD from University of Turku (Economic sociology) in 2013.

Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy
P.O. Box 24 (Unioninkatu 40)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
+358 2 941 20881