Tuesday 24.5. Aki-Mauri Huhtinen (National Defence University / University of Helsinki)

Reflections from Ukraine Information Influence

Time: Tuesday May 24th, 14.15-15.45
Place: Metsätalo room 24, 5th floor

Abstract: The Ukraine War is the first real media and information war. We can say the first TikTok war. Information environment is constantly networked and rhizomatic as nature so the traditional warfare becomes documented, especially in social media. Ukraine has more strategic level influence than the Kremlin during the war. One main reason is Ukraine’s ability to network between local level online information to the international audiences. In addition, president Zelenskyi’s personal talent to use and crowdsource the western audience to support Ukraine’s defence is the key element of the success in information environment. The first time in history, also the big technological companies have taken a part of Ukraine support as to take a political side. The Kremlin information war machine has located as a hedgehog defence to control its own citizenships in Russia. 

Aki-Mauri Huhtinen is a Military Professor of Leadership at the National Defence University and a Docent of Practical Philosophy at the University of Helsinki. His specialization includes information warfare and leadership.