TV series Vocabulary fun times

Getting some independent work in

4th blog post for the day, I’m on a roll! To develop my listening comprehension, I quit using subtitles on tv series and films in English. After a while I realised I’ve been using them for nought for years. I could pretty much understand everything the actors we’re saying, even if they had strong accents.

So far, I’ve mostly just spent a ton of time binge watching Netflix and sadly that doesn’t really count towards ALMS hours. I have done something relevant though!(!!)

I’ve been watching Frasier. Frasier is an old show, but I remembered correctly that both the titular main character and his brother consider themselves erudites and, accordingly, use uncommon words in everyday conversations. To add some challenge, one of the other main characters has a really strong regional British accent and she also uses somewhat uncommon idioms and vocabulary.

While watching the series I compiled a list of previously unfamiliar words and included words I felt were uncommon:

  • Eclectic
  • Candor
  • Ablution
  • Solitude
  • Vigor
  • Sanctimonius

After hearing the word, I then checked its definition and pronunciation online (mostly on Cambridge online dictionary).

Time spent: 2 hours.
Time left on ALMS: 88 hours.

Showers Vocabulary fun times

Enhancing vocabulary

Below this post I documented my failed journey of academic writing, but before failure I did have some success. I attended a 2-hour vocabulary shower on 31st of January (three weeks ago, yay for procrastination!).

During the shower, we were taught multiple sources for dictionaries and multiple ways to actually learn the new words. I’ve been really loving the Cambridge online dictionary and I’ve used it a lot, both for pronuncation and definitions. I’ve been meaning to use the Anki app, but so for I’ve yet to compile a list of words for it.

However, I will document my independent work later on. It’s safe to say I really enjoyed the vocab shower and I got some really good tools from it!

Hours spent: 2.
Time left on ALMS: 90 hours.


The rise and fall of Academic writing workshop

I’m pretty confident about my English skills. Sure, I have some issues, but I can manage just fine. One of my major issues is my lack of academic vocabulary. I’m majoring in Finnish literature and minoring in Finnish language. As you have probably guessed, I don’t write any essays in English.

“Why do I want to develop my academic vocabulary then?”, one might ask. My answer? Basically, just for fun. I enjoy learning and using English and I have a not-so-secret wish to minor in it. That’s not probably going to happen, but I digress. Doing something new and learning something new is something I enjoy. I really loved attending academic writing workshop. But as you can see, I used past tense there – even though the workshop is still going on.

As anyone who knows me can say, I have a tendency to take on too much. I am overly optimistic on how much time I have to actually complete every single little task I take on. To protect my sanity and to actually have some free time, I dropped the workshop. I’m not happy about that, since I was actually learning something there.

Anyway, I’m still going to count the hours I spent there towards my ALMS hours:

Meetings: 2 times, totalling 4 hours.
Time spent on writing essay and reflecting (and moping around about not being able to attend the course anymore): 2 hours.

Total hours: 6.
Time left on ALMS: 92 hours.


Getting started on my ALMS journey

Tendency for procrastination is my Achilles’ heel. I’ve been working on my ALMS course for a few weeks now, but taking the time to type out my progress has felt like an insurmountable task. This post is meant to rectify that.

Before I go into the spesifics of what I’ve been up to, I think I need to allocate my time. To complete my ALMS course, I need 98 hours of work. Here is a rough timetable on how I am going to use my time:

Bookclub: approx. 12 hours of meetings (+ possibly more hours spent on reflection)
Workshops: 10 hours on 3rd period, unknown amount on 4th (anywhere from 6 to 32 hours, depending on how many workshops I attend and how many times they meet)
Showers: 2-4 hours
Independent work: anywhere between 50-74 hours. Includes (but is not limited to) reading, watching tv series, and conversation.

So, that’s about it I guess. Next up: what I’ve been doing so far!


Hello ALMS!

Welcome to my little ALMS blog! This blog is dedicated to my journey through ALMS. It will contain self-reflection, journal posts, statistics about how I allocate my time for independent work and so on. It won’t probably be particularly interesting or exciting and it will contain tons of typos and grammar errors. However, I hope it’ll also document my advancement in English.