About the Workshop

Bibliometric researchers in the Nordic countries have arranged annual Nordic workshops on bibliometrics since 1996.

The general scope of the workshop is to present recent bibliometric research in the Nordic countries and to create better linkages between the bibliometric research groups and their PhD students.

The workshop language is English and the workshop is open to participants from any nation. The 17th workshop will be arranged by the Helsinki University Library, Finland, on 11-12th October, 2012.

The workshop will be held jointly with The Workshop on Bibliometrics for the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) on 10-11th October organized by NordForsk.

This year’s keynote speaker is Professor Diana Hicks, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA, USA.

Previous workshops

1996 Helsinki
1997 Stockholm
1998 Oslo
1999 Copenhagen
2000 Oulu
2001 Stockholm
2002 Oslo
2003 Aalborg
2004 Turku
2005 Stockholm
2006 Oslo
2007 Copenhagen
2008 Tampere
2009 Stockholm
2010 Bergen
2011 Aalborg



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