An introduction to NDDS

The project is a collaboration among five universities: The University of Helsinki, and the University of Jyväskylä, (Finland); the University of Dar es Salaam, and the University of Dodoma, (Tanzania); and the University of Zambia (in Lusaka, Zambia). It seeks to establish new ideas and contents for the redesign of the curricula of Development Studies in the participating institutions and provide a platform for PhD students to gain research skills and discuss their research projects.

The aims of the project were identified in a series of online meetings with all five participating HEIs.  These included:

1) identifying and defining the emerging core competencies for future DS graduates;

2) enhancing the theoretical knowledge and practical competence of the teaching staff on these new topics;

3) revising the core curricula of DS; and

4) offering staff and students opportunities for international learning, collaboration, and co-creation. All needs revolve around the need to redesign DS curricula to capture both global challenges and local realities.

The project (2022-2024) includes both on-site (Helsinki 2023 and Lusaka 2024) and online workshops (Dodoma 2023, Dar es Salaam 2024, Jyväskylä 2022, 2024) to discuss the new directions of development studies, combined with a short-term mobility stay (1 month) for selected participants attending the on-site workshops. The project offers a unique opportunity to learn from and engage in shaping the latest debates in global development studies, as well as share and improve participants’ own PhD projects.

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