The 5th Nordic conference in Philosophy of Religion pursues the multifaceted and interdisciplinary theme of the origins of religion. The subject is considered at historical, phenomenological, metaphysical, theological and scientific levels. We aim at bringing together methods of research within religious studies, theology and philosophy of religion. Some central questions of the topic are: Where are the roots of religion as a human form of life? Where and why has the concept of religion originated? What is the relationship between religious beliefs and superstitious views? Have the former evolved from the latter? Why do we have religious and magical beliefs? Can we explain religions and religious phenomena by reference to something else than religious self-understanding itself? How should we approach religious texts, lifestyles, communities, and rituals in order to understand them? Is religious practice primary to detailed and reflected religious beliefs? Does religion as a way of life even need doctrinal theology?

The conference is organized by Nordic Society for Philosophy of Religion in conjunction with the Centre of Excellence Reason and Religious Recognition (University of Helsinki and Academy of Finland), the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, the Faculty of Theology in University of Helsinki and the project Philosophy of religion and the method of philosophy in the Department of Systematic Theology in University of Helsinki.

Keynote speakers: Ingolf U. Dalferth, Jan-Olav Henriksen, Simo Knuuttila and Sigridur Thorgeirsdottir

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