Helsinki Number Theory Seminar

General Information

This seminar is a meeting place for researchers and students to learn about recent results and trends in number theory. The seminar takes place in the Exactum building of the University of Helsinki. Most talks are scheduled in C124, on Monday mornings from 11:10-12:00. The seminar is organised by Jacques Benatar and Neea Palojärvi and supported by the Centre of Excellence (FiRST).

Upcoming talks

Friday Mar 1: Mengdi Wang (University of Turku) Time and location: 11:10, C222 (note the exceptional day and location!)

Title: Local Fourier uniformity of divisor functions

Abstract: Let d_k(n) represent the k-fold divisor function, counting the ways n can be expressed as the product of k natural numbers. In this presentation, we are going to introduce the local uniformity of k-fold divisor functions first. Then we plan to investigate the approaches to study the local correlation between k-fold divisor functions and linear phase functions in very short intervals.

Mar 11: Wilmar Bolaños (Aalto University) Time and location: 11:10, B322 (note the exceptional location!)

Past talks

Feb 5, 2024: Bryce Kerr (UNSW Canberra)
Title: Large values of the error term in the prime number theorem

Jan 29, 2024: Théo Untrau (ENS Rennes)
Title: Equidistribution of some families of short exponential sums

Jan 15, 2024: Jesse Jääsaari (University of Turku)
Title: Mass Equidistribution for Saito-Kurokawa Lifts

Dec 4, 2023: Topi Törmä (University of Helsinki)
Title: A numerical approach to Littlewood’s conjecture

Dec 1, 2023: Andrew Granville (Université de Montréal)
Title: Sums of two squares one of which is a prime squared

Nov 27, 2023: Tapani Matala-aho (Aalto University)
Title: An analogue of Siegel’s determinant

Nov 13, 2023: Pavlo Yatsyna (Aalto University)
Title:  Quadratic forms and totally real number fields

Oct 23, 2023: Mikko Jaskari (University of Turku)
Title: On explicit bounds for the prime number theorem