Matskut aims for simplicitry and ease of use. The main feature is it’s compact list of basic features.

  • Unlimited storage. There’s no size limit for individual files.
  • Minimal metadata required. it’s possible to just upload a file to share it or give it more detailed description and keywords.
  • One file or a package of many. Ability to upload a single file or group of several related files into one item.
  • Link to what’s already out there. Include links to external resources as part of the package, no need to upload them again.
  • Link the material to a course with course code. Connect the material to a specific course or several courses using the course code(s) from the curriculum management system. (This feature is optional and will be expanded in future versions)
  • Simple visibilty otions. Materials can be made either public or accessible to only staff and students of the University (No, you wont be able define more detailed groups or user rights. Simplicity, remember?)
  • Licence your work with Creative Commons. Or don’t. This is completely optional.
  • Link directly to fles or items. Permanent URLs for both packages and individual files allow easy linking from other services and websites.
  • Looks good on smartphones. Responsive design gracefully scales to smaller screens on mobile devices.
  • Works nice with other services. Open API allows integration to other University services and building alternative interfaces.
  • Single sign-on. Already logged into eg. Flamma, Moodle or wiki? Your’e logged into Matskut as well.

Upcoming features

Matskut is ready to use but not quite finished. These are some of the planned features for the future releases:

  • Finnish (and Swedish) translations.
  • Better interface for editing uploaded materials.
  • Keywords or subjects based on yet to be decided ontology.
  • Preview files on site.
  • Tighter information exchange with student information system.
  • Integration with Flamma, Moodle, etc.
  • Fixes and features based on user feedback.