Mervi06bDr Mervi Pantti is a professor

and Head of Media and Communication Studies at the Department of Social
Research. She is also Director of the International MA Programme
Media and Global Communication.


Recent Publications

.Pantti, M. (Ed.) (2016) Media and the Ukraine Crisis: Hybrid Practices and Narratives of Conflict. New York: Peter Lang.
• Polynczuk-Alenius, K. & Pantti, M. (2016) Branded Solidarity in Fair Trade Communication on Facebook. Forthcoming in Globalizations.
Khaldarova, I. & Pantti, M. (2016) Fake News: Struggle over News Coverage of the Ukrainian Conflict. Forthcoming in Journalism Practice.

Pantti, M. (2015) Grassroots Humanitarianism on YouTube: Ordinary Fundraisers, Unlikely Donors, and Global Solidarity. International Communication Gazette 77(7), 622–636.
Pantti, M. (2015) Visual Gatekeeping in the Era of Networked Images: A Cross-cultural Comparison of the Syrian Conflict. In T. Vos & F. Heinderyckx (Eds.) Gatekeeping in Transition. New York: Routledge.

Current Research Projects

Racisms and public communications in the hybrid media environment 2015-2018, Academy of Finland

  Media, information management and emotional currents in the refugee crisis 2015-2016, Helsingin Sanomat Foundation

The Ukraine conflict in the media 2014-2015, Helsingin Sanomat Foundation