Welcome to the Research Seminar in Philosophy of Education!

This research seminar, started in the spring of 2017, is intended for researchers working in philosophy of education and for students interested in the research field. The seminar offers an interactive and inspiring forum for discussing common research themes and for receiving feedback from one’s work.

All students and researchers interested in discussing issues and topics in the field of philosophy of education are welcome to participate in the seminar. The seminar also welcomes presentations based on pre-circulated works in progress. Such works can be, for instance: article manuscripts, conference papers, chapters of doctoral dissertations or chapters of Master’s theses. All seminar participants can propose works to be discussed from all areas of philosophy of education. Please send your proposals to: anniina.leiviska@helsinki.fi. The papers and presentations can be either in Finnish or in English and the discussion will be held in Finnish or in English depending on the attendees.If you plan to attend to the seminar and wish to receive the pre-circulated works in advance, please contact the email address above.

The seminar takes place in the meeting room 325, 3rd floor of the Minerva building (address: Siltavuorenpenger 5A, Helsinki). We meet every other Thursday at 16.15 – 18.00 (4.15 PM – 6 PM). Please find the current schedule of the seminar in the link above. Any changes in the schedule or venue will be communicated through this website.