LingDIG Phonetics Track Courses

The picture above shows a possible the study path for the students of LDA-P300 Phonetics, Advanced Studies track. It’s only a recommendation, please contact your HOPS teacher, and discuss possible alternatives.

The compulsory courses are marked by darker, filled rectangles, the lighter rectangles list optional courses.

The links to courses taught in 2023-2024:

1.  period 

LDA-P303 Auditory discrimination and phonetic notation

LDA-P301 Phonetics seminar (compulsory for all 2nd year students) continues through periods 1-4

LDA-P319 Speech Prosody (LDA-P302 or KIK-LG212 is a pre-requisite for this course)

2. period

LDA-EXP315 Experimental laboratory course continues through periods 2-4

LDA-P302 Speech analysis methods (this course is equivalent to KIK-LG212 course, please contact your HOPS teacher if you have already taken the KIK-LG212)

LDA-P305 Speech synthesis and recognition

3. period

LDA-P308 Phonetic realization and typology of phonological quantity

4. period

LDA-P311 Introduction to Signal Analysis

LDA-P307 Modeling speech production and perception