Hello world!

I often see myself as a kind of microscope whisperer. Here at the BIU Light Microscopy Core Facility, my job is anything but one-dimensional. My colleagues and I wear multiple hats – from guiding researchers in their microscopic journey for discovery, to taking care of the microscopes, and lending a hand with image processing and analysis. But that’s not all. We’re also the creative minds behind our website and Moodle content, quality control and maintenance of our systems, the problem-solvers, and active participants in national and international imaging communities. It’s just like to being a Swiss army knife, with a set of tools ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way. Every day is a new adventure, filled with challenges, opportunities, and the rewarding feeling that comes with supporting groundbreaking research.

This blog, just like the Swiss army knife, will also cover different topics. Here, you’ll find posts about microscopy techniques, new developments, and how they serve as powerful tools for scientific understanding. I’ll talk about image analysis learning journey from my own perspective, give examples of useful resources, explore the artistic aspect of imaging, and venture beyond the microscope to touch on other relevant topics I am passionate about such as teaching. As I continue to grow and evolve in this ever-changing field, I invite you to join me on this journey of exploration and discovery. Let’s unravel the multi-dimensional world of microscopy together!