Workshop Program: The Political Rhetoric of Isms

University of Helsinki, Metsätalo building (Unioninkatu 40), lecture room 28, 14–15 June, 2016

Organized by the project The Political Rhetoric of Isms at the University of Helsinki and Concepta: International Research School in Conceptual History and Political Thought


Tuesday 14 June

Session I, 10.15–11.45, Chair: Pauli Kettunen

Jussi Kurunmäki (Helsinki) and Jani Marjanen (Helsinki)
The Political Rhetoric of Isms

Ivo Spira (Oslo)
Chinese Isms and Ismatic Discourse

Ronald Stade (Malmö)
From ΚΟΣΜΟΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ to cosmopolitanism

Yury Kagarlitskiy (Moscow)
The concept of fanaticism and its rhetorical role in a comparative outlook: The European Enlightenment and the 18th century Russia


Lunch, 12.15–13.30


Session II, 13.30–15.30, Chair: Ainur Elmgren

Samuel Hayat (Lille)
The making of a political ideology: socialism in 19th century France

Risto Turunen (Tampere)
Socialism in the Grand System of Finnish Isms, 1820–1910

Piotr Kuligowski (Poznań)

Concepts of Democratism and Socialism in the Circles of the Polish Left in Exile: Origin, Meanings, Relations (1830s–1850s)

Anton Jansson (Gothenburg)
The rhetoric of isms as secularized religion


Coffee and tea, 15.30–16.00


Session III, 16.00–17.30, Chair: Henrik Stenius

Ruth Hemstad (Oslo)
Scandinavianism: The Rise and Fall of a Contested and Celebrated Concept

Christian Roques (Reims)
Bridging the political gaps: The interdiscursive qualities of “political romanticism” in the Weimar Republic (Germany 1918-1933)

Erik Tängerstad (Stockholm)
Patriotism/Nationalism – Convergences and Divergences


Wednesday 15 June

Session IV, 10.00–11.30, Chair: Martin Burke

Natalia Semenova (St. Petersburg)

Socialist Realism in Historical Perspective: Concept on the Stage


Wiktor Marzec (Budapest)
Languages of the Left: Core Leftist Isms and Their Enemies in Modern Poland – A Cross-Temporal Comparison of 1905, 1945, and 1989 Conjunctures


Constantin Iordachi (Budapest)

Is “Totalitarianism” an Ism? On the Genealogies of a Contested Concept



Coffee and tea, 11.30–12.00


Session V, 12.00–13.00, Chair: Jussi Kurunmäki

Tania Mancheno (Hamburg)
Towards a Conceptual History of Multiculturalism

Ainur Elmgren (Helsinki)
Political Appropriation of the Concept of Populism in Contemporary Finnish Politics


Lunch, 13.00–14.30


Session VI, 14.30–15.30, Chair Martin Burke

Neil Foxlee (University of Central Lancashire)
Dissociation and Qualification as Strategies for Rhetorical Reconceptualization: The Case of ‘Capitalism’ in British Politics, 1970s to the Present

Pauli Kettunen (Helsinki)
The Concept of Nationalism in Debates of European Society


Session VI, Concluding discussion, 15.30–16.00, Chairs: Jussi Kurunmäki and Jani Marjanen