About the Research

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Politics and Numbers: Global Governance and Policy Instruments research project at the Political Science discipline of University of Helsinki has been funded through two research grants:

  1. Policy Instruments and Global Governance: Concepts and Numbers (funded by the Academy of Finland, 2013–2019)
  2. Europe in Numbers: European Governance and Policy Instruments (funded by the Helsinki University Network for European Studies (NES), 2013–2014)

The project explores numerical objectification and its political implications in European and global governance.

The research builds on the project team’s previous work concerning numbers, indexes and global governance. So far, the members of our project team have looked at global and transnational governance with regards to democracy indexes, ‘good governance’ indexes, global university rankings and demographic statistics. In connection to our research on numerical objectifications, we have also published conceptual analysis on university autonomy, transparency and accountability, and gender equality. All in all, we have an excellent base for conceptual, semiotic and institutional analysis combined with proven competency in analysing data production and use of quantitative methods.

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