Details for students

Details for students

Course registration for students: WebOodi

Course name: Processes of Privatisation in Education

Course code: 66674

There are several courses with that same code, please make sure to register in the Lecture Course taught by Jaakko Kauko.

The registration period is available until 1.12.2015 at 23.59

Course essay submission form (open from 10.12.2015 at 8.00 a.m. until  11.1.2016 at 8.00 a.m.):

Course work, 1-3 ECTS

The course work is based on attending the lectures and writing a an essay. The amount of ECTS depends on the number of lecture summaries (two is 1 ECTS, three 2 ECTS, four is 3 ECTS).

The essays (5–10 pages) are required to follow the structure indicated here:

  1. Introduction. (1–2 pages in total)
    1. A brief summary of own PhD work.
    2. Introduction to the structure of the paper.
  2. Summary of lectures (minimum of 2 pages)
    1. Summary of lecture by Barbara Schulte (1–1,5 pages)
    2. Summary of lecture by Piia Seppänen (1–1,5 pages)
    3. Summary of lecture by Berglind Rós Magnúsdottir (1–1,5 pages)
    4. Summary of Sonja Kosunen’s remarks and general discussion (1–1,5 pages)
  3. Concluding reflection (2 pages in total)
    1. What common processes of privatisation can you find from the three lectures and the discussant’s remarks?
    2. How do the contents of the lecture relate to your PhD work?
    3. Concluding remarks


The grades are based on the academic quality of the summary and reflection. An excellent (grades 4-5) essay critically reflects the contents of the lectures to own PhD work possibly drawing on external sources for further argumentation. An good written task critically reflects the content of the lecture and discussion drawing on academic argumentation (grade 3). A satisfactory essay summarises contents and presents some personal thinking that is not backed with academic argumentation (grades 1-2). A failed essay clearly lacks content, or merely lists content without presenting any personal thinking.