About the Project

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PROPA is a regular panel study of Russian public opinion and attitudes. Our goal is to monitor and analyze changes in the lives and views of Russians during the war in Ukraine. We conduct telephone and online interviews, covering topics related to political, economic, and historical issues, as well as media consumption. Our respondents are Russian citizens aged 18 and older.

Russia presents a unique example of an authoritarian state that conducts a war while simultaneously allowing for independent public opinion studies. Our research addresses various substantive and methodological challenges, such as censorship, the influence of propaganda, refusal to participate in polling, respondents’ fear of answering questions, sample biases, and more. However, we view these challenges as opportunities to further advance polling methodologies and provide reliable data for evidence-based analysis.

The project also aims to develop educational materials focused on the professional study of public opinion and research methodologies. These resources will serve as reliable sources of information for those studying social and political attitudes both within and outside of Russia, as well as other non-free political contexts.