PsyTEAM Research Group

PsyTEAM is a group of researchers working at the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital in Finland, and collaborating internationally. We conduct academic research on mental health and its psychological treatments and services.


  • Tom Rosenström


  • Suoma E. Saarni
    • Chief physician, Professor of Clinical Medicine (PhD, MD, Dos.)
      • Specialist in psychiatry and health care, Psychotherapist trainer


  • Sanna Mylläri


  • Veera Malkki


  • Jan-Henry Stenberg
    • Head of ICT Psychiatry and Psychosocial Treatments, HUS Psychiatry (PhD)
      • Psychologist, Psychotherapist trainer


  • Samuli Saarni
    • Program director, First Line therapies (MD, PhD, Dos.)
      • Specialist in psychiatry and health care, psychotherapist


  • Johanna Stenberg
    • Research and contact information at Kuntoutussäätiö
    • Doctoral Student (MA)
      • Researcher, Neuropsychologist


  • Aino Plattonen
    • Doctoral Student (MA)
      • Researcher, Psychologist, Psychotherapist



  • Jaakko Tammilehto
    • Doctoral student (MA)
      • Researcher, Psychologist


  • Eva Rikandi
    • Postdoctoral researcher (5/2023)
      • Researcher, Psychologist, Psychotherapist


  • Sakari Lintula
    • Doctoral student (MA)
      • Researcher, Psychologist


  • Enna Kujansuu
    • Trainee
      • Psychology and law student


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