Residual Verb Second in Romance (ReVerSe) is a NOC-HS-funded research project that aims to promote and develop collaboration among scholars in the Nordic countries working on the syntax of the Romance languages.

Workshop series programme
In this series of workshops  we intend to investigate the morpho-syntactic phenomena in the modern Romance languages that can be considered to be residues of the Verb-Second (V2) syntax of medieval Romance:

  1.  ReVerSe 1: ‘Through the Looking Glass’:
    The first workshop will focus on the identification and definitional criteria of residual V2 in the modern Romance languages.
  2. ReVerSe 2: ‘A Thread Through Time’:
    In the second workshop the findings of the first workshop will be contrasted and compared with the data and analyses from the existing literature on medieval Romance in order to be able to recognise and discriminate between genuine residues and innovative developments in the history of the Romance languages.
  3. ReVerSe3: ‘Contrast and Compare’:
    The third workshop will be devoted to a contrastive analysis of geographically distant varieties of the same Romance language and to crosslinguistic comparisons with non-Romance languages that have either lost or acquired a V2 syntax.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we had to postpone the workshops to later dates and merge ReVerSe2 and ReVerse3 into one workshop .