RIGHTS AT THE MARGINS: Historical, Philosophical and Legal Perspectives

Eds. Virpi Mäkinen, Jonathan Robinson, Pamela Slotte and Heikki Haara

Contents (preliminary)

Introduction: Rights and Justice towards the Margins (Virpi Mäkinen, Jonathan Robinson, and Pamela Slotte)

PART I: Rights, Duties, and Necessities

  1. Virpi Mäkinen: Natural Rights and Human Needs in the Franciscan Poverty Dispute
  2. Heikki Haara: Rights to Life and Body in Pufendorf’s Natural Law Theory
  3. John Salter: Poverty, Rights and Charity: From Hugo Grotius to Adam Smith

Part II: Rights and the Poor Law

  1. Jonathan Robinson: The Place of the Poor in Medieval Jurisprudence
  2. Wim Decock: Poor and Broke: The Right to Debt Relief in Gabriel Alvarez de Velasco’s De privilegiis pauperum

Part III: Justice towards the Margins

  1. Johan Olsthroon: Hugo Grotius on Distributive Justice
  2. Mikko Tolonen: Conceptual Possibility of Social Justice in Eighteenth-Century Britain

Part IV: Rights and the Others

  1. Virpi Mäkinen and Mikko Posti: Why Should We Recognize the Others? Some Early-Modern Examples of Recognition and Non-Recognition the Infidels
  2. Ilse Paakkinen: Widows as a Needy and Protected Group in Christine de Pizan’s Thought
  3. Jussi Varkemaa: Animals in Conrad Summenhart’s and Francisco de Vitoria’s Theories of Rights

Part V: Geopolitical, Global, and Contemporary Perspectives at the Margins

  1. Julia McClure: The Darker Side of Rights in Global Intellectual History
  2. Alejandra Mancilla: The Right of Necessity and the Problem of Global sPoverty
  3. Pamela Slotte: Rights, not Charity!

Conclusions (Virpi Mäkinen)