MSc Thesis in FunkVeg

New MSc Thesis opportunity within the FunkVeg project: discover the faunal community associated with free-living bladder wrack. Fieldwork at TZS and Askö Laboratory.

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Thesis Project description

Send enquiries to Roxana Preston (roxana.preston or Iván Franco Rodil (ivan.rodil

Update: position filled

This project was completed by Viivi Halonen.

‘Our study demonstrated that free-living F. vesiculosus is a potential foundation
species in shallow, sheltered bays of the Baltic Sea by increasing the number of present taxa compared to adjacent bare sediment. Higher F. vesiculosus biomass directly increased the abundance and biomass of the macroepifaunal community, and the presence of free-living Fucus vesiculosus was not found to have significant negative effects on the associated macroinfaunal community.’

Link to completed thesis