2024 Course

The course will start in January 2024. It will be organized in collaboration with the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences journalism program.

The organizing and teaching team of the course consists of Samuli Siltanen, Markus Juvonen and Sara Parikka from the University of Helsinki, Esko Hatunen and Juuso Koponen-Hilden from Haaga-Helia, and last but not least guest lecturer and trainer Kari Paananen.

We will have room for about 18 students from the University of Helsinki and 18 from Haaga-Helia. The participants will be forming mixed groups of 4 participants (2 from HY and 2 from H-H) to work on a science video project during the course. All the video masterpieces will be presented at a Video Gala event to conclude the course. The videos will possibly be posted on the Universities different media outlets.

Registration: If you are a University of Helsinki staff member interested in participating in the course you can send email to Sara Parikka (sara.parikka(at)helsinki.fi)

Doctoral researchers and Masters students can register in SISU. The course code is MFK-500.


Tue 23.1. 11-14 Kumpula (Exactum, C124)

  • Introduction (Samuli Siltanen)
  • Examples of science video makers: 
    • Samun Tiedekanava, 
    • Gadolin-TikTok, 
    • Harry Lunabba (Soc&Com) 
    • Plastiikkaope a.k.a professor Virve Koljonen, MD
  • Speed dating for facilitating team formation
  • Ideas and topics for Flinga


Fri 26.1. 9-12 Pasila

  • Forming groups
  • Planning for synopsis
  • Script writing (Kari Paananen)
  • Exercise: smartphone video (20sec) explaining the group’s idea


Tue 30.1. 11-14 Kumpula

  • Feedback for a synopsis (Kari Paananen)
  • Planning for script


Fri 2.2. 9-12 Pasila

  • Feedback for Scripts: visual script
  • Solutions for video shooting and recording voice-overs


Tue 6.2. 11-14 Pasila

  • Shooting plan, planning, technical support


Tue 20.2. 11-14 Pasila

  • Preliminary review of material and editing


Tue 5.3. 11-14 Kumpula

  • Preview of complete videos


Fri 15.3. 16-18 Pasila Auditorium

  • Videogala