The Academic Choral Society (Akateeminen Laulu, AL), established in 1953, is the mixed voice choir of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. 

At present, the performing strength is around 35 singers. The singers are from different phases of academic life. What the singers all have in common is a great love for music and a wish to transform, through hard work, a musical hobby into art.

The choir performs a cappella works by both Finnish and foreign composers as well as major orchestral works, usually in collaboration with other choirs. The repertoire includes sacral and profane, serious and fun music from the Renaissance to the present day. AL also seeks new innovative ways to perform choral music and reach new audiences: the choir has organised, for instance, a wine tasting concert and an open-air dance concert.

The Artistic Director of AL is Dominik Vogt who grew up in Liechtenstein. He has a master’s degree of choral conducting from both Zürich University of Arts and Sibelius Academy. Besides AL he conducts several other choirs, such as mixed choir Cantabile and vocal group Ensemble Vida.

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