Joel Backström is a researcher and teacher of philosophy at the University of Helsinki, within the research project “A Science of the Soul?”. He is author of A fear of Openness (2007), and of articles on philosophical moral psychology and the relation between Freud and Wittgenstein.


Sergio Benvenuto is a researcher in psychology and philosophy at the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome, Italy, and a psychoanalyst. He teaches psychoanalysis at the Institute of Depth Psychology in Kiev. He is a contributor to cultural journals such as Telos, Lettre Internationale, Texte, Journal for Lacanian Studies, L’évolution psychiatrique and American Imago. He has translated into Italian Jacques Lacan’s Séminaire XX: Encore.


David R. Cerbone is Professor of Philosophy at West Virginia University.  He is the author of Understanding Phenomenology (Acumen, 2006) and Heidegger:  A Guide for the Perplexed (Continuum, 2008), as well as numerous articles on Heidegger, Wittgenstein, and the phenomenological tradition.  He is also the editor (along with Søren Overgaard and Komarine Romdenh-Romluc) of the Routledge Research in Phenomenology series.


Edmund Dain is currently an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Providence College and Leiv Eiriksson Research Fellow at the University of Bergen. He works primarily on Wittgenstein and the philosophy of language, mind, and ethics.


Phil Hutchinson is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at MMU, UK. He writes on Emotions, Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Healthcare & Medicine, and Film. He blogs at www.viewfromthehutch.blogspot.co.uk


Camilla Kronqvist is a researcher in philosophy at Åbo Akademi University. Her research interests include the philosophy of psychology, especially the concepts of love and the other emotions, moral philosophy and Wittgenstein. She has taught several courses in moral philosophy, philosophy of science and feminist philosophy.


Hannes Nykänen is adjunct professor (docent) at Åbo Akademi University. He teaches philosophy also at Helsinki University. He has published The “I”, the “You” and the Soul: an Ethics of Conscience (Åbo: Åbo Akademi University Press, 2002) and Samvetet och det dolda; en bok om kärlek och kollektivitet (Conscience and the Hidden; a book on Love and Collectivity) (Stockholm: Dualis, 2009). His research addresses different aspects of the concept of conscience and the way it is constitutive for interpersonal understanding, for ethics and for the concept of ‘philosophical problem’.


Anne-Marie Søndergaard Christensen is Associate Professor of philosophy at University of Southern Denmark and president of The Nordic Wittgenstein Society. Her field of interest is ethics, and she is currently working on a Wittgensteinian conception of the role and status of moral philosophy.


Thomas Wallgren,  University lecturer and docent of philosophy, director of the von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives, University of Helsinki. He is the author of Transformative Philosophy: Socrates, Wittgenstein and the Democratic Spirit of Philosophy (Lexington, MD, 2006). He is interested in the dialectics of enlightenment

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