Ongoing research projects

Socially desirable responding (In co-operation with Sampo Paunonen (University of Western Ontario, Canada))

Values in experimental economics (In co-operation with Gari Walkowitz and Philipp Wichardt (University of Bonn, Germany))

Personality measurement (In co-operation with Kenn Konstabel (University of Tartu, Estonia))

Human values and social instability in different cultures and subcultures. (In co-operation with Prof. Klaus Helkama (University of Helsinki))

Values and self-presentation. (In co-operation with Schalom Schwartz (The Hebrew University, Israel))

Values in information society. (In co-operation with Applied Cognitive Science Research Group (University of Helsinki))

Cross cultural research of values and attitudes. (In co-operation with Robin Goodwin (Brunel University, England))

Values, knowledge sharing and readiness to change. (In co-operation with Nina Koivula (Finnish Institute of Occupation Health))