About us

The symposium is organized by Susanna Virtanen (PhD, title of Docent), Csilla Horváth (PhD) and Ilona Kivinen (PhD).

Ilona Kivinen is a Saami university teacher at the University of Helsinki. Her research interests concern North Saami and Uralic adjectives, and language history.

Susanna Virtanen and Csilla Horváth are editing a Mansi language textbook for non-native speakers. The book will be based on modern Western-style university pedagogy. The project is financed by the Kone Foundation. Virtanen has a long experience in teaching Finnish as a second or foreign language, and she is also a researcher of Mansi lanaguge. Csilla Horváth is a linguist and anthropologist researching the language use and ethnic identity of the urban Mansi.

The symposium is financed by University of Helsinki and Kone Foundation.