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Lecture series on social constructionism is organised 2.9.-15.10.2015 (the first period). The lectures take place on Thurdays 14-16. The course is an introduction to the wide and ambiguous field of social constructionism. Although the emphasis is on social constructionism in social psychology, the lectures also discuss social constructionism in related disciplines of psychology and sociology.


2.9. Online pre-examination in Moodle

3.9. (14-16) Miira Niska
Kick-off, tools for navigation

10.9. (14-16) Kari Mikko Vesala
Interaction and social constructionism, illustrated with relational readings of Milgram experiment

17.9. (14-16) Antero Olakivi
Social constructionism in sociology

24.9. (14-16) Marko Salonen
Discourse positions and rhetorical discourse

1.10. (14-16) Sirkku Varjonen
Narrative research and social constructionism

8.10. (14-16) Satu Venäläinen & Jose Canada
Language and materiality

15.10. (14-16) Miira Niska
Round-up & FAQ

The course gives you 5 credits and it is open for social psychology majors doing their advanced studies, REMS and ERI students and exchange students doing their advanced studies. The course fulfills the requirements of the study unit SP033-6 and it is assessed by the scale 0-5.

The course begins with an online pre-examination organised on Wednesday 2.9.2015 in Moodle! For the pre-examination, please read chapters 1 and 3-7 from:

  • Burr, V. (2003). Social Constructionism (2nd.ed). London: Routledge.

Note that Social constructionism is an e-book you can read via HELKA (search for title “Social constructionism”). p.s. You need to have personal access rights for the university IT systems to read e-books and enter the Moodle.

In addition to pre-examination and lectures students need to write an essay based on lectures and given extra reading. Please note that you need to attend at least 75 % of the lectures to complete the course!

Maximum 20 students will be accepted for this course. Enrolment for the course starts in August 2015 in Weboodi.

Welcome to study social constructionism!

Miira Niska
Course coordinator
e-mail: miira.niska(at)