Just Do It? – Recognition and Reception in Ecumenical Relations Just Do It? – Anerkennung und Rezeption im ökumenischen Miteinander

Thu 25 August

15.00 Registration opens
18.00 Opening of the Conference / Eröffnung der Konferenz Opening Service (at Sofia Chapel)
Opening lecture: Dagmar Heller, Geneva, President of SO Reception/Empfang
20.00 Dinner/Abendessen

Fri 26 August: Concepts/ Konzepte

07.30 Breakfast/Frühstück
08.30 Morning prayer / Morgengebet (Chapel)
09.00 Plenary session/Plenum
Four statements on “Ecumenical Recognition and Reception”/ Vier Erklärungen zu “Ökumenische Anerkennung und Rezeption”


Stefan Barbu (Orthodox)

Sandra Arenas (Catholic)

Beate Bengard (Lutheran)

Jelle Creemers (Free church )


10.30-11.00 Tea/Coffee
11.00 Plenary session/Plenum Key-note lecture/ Hauptvortrag

Marcel Henaff, San Diego: Truth, Exclusion and Recognition. Rethinking inter-confessional conflicts and reconciliation


12.30 Lunch/Mittagessen
14.30-16.00 Small Papers 1 /Kurzvorträge 1
16.00-16.30 Tea/Coffee//Tee/Kaffee
16.30 Small Papers 2 /Kurzvorträge 2
18.00 Dinner/Abendessen

Sat 27 August Excursion to Tallinn (Estonia)/Ausflug nach Tallinn (Estland)

6.00 Departure/Abfahrt (Breakfast on the boat/Frühstück auf dem Schiff)
20.30 Return to Sofia Center/Rückkehr zum Sofia Zentrum (Dinner on the boat/Abendessen auf dem Schiff)

Sun 28 August: Criteria/Kriterien

07.30 Breakfast/Frühstück
08.45 Bus to downtown Helsinki/Bus nach Helsinki Stadtmitte

Worship services in local parishes of different traditions/Gottesdienste in Ortsgemeinden verschiedener Traditionen

Lutheran service at the Lutheran Cathedral

Orthodox Liturgy at the Uspenski Cathedral

Catholic mass at Saint Henry’s Cathedral

After the services all are welcome to join a reception with bishop Irja Askola at the crypt of the Lutheran Cathedra




Free time/Freizeit (Lunch not provided/Mittagessen wird nicht gestellt)

Return to Sofia Center by bus/Rückkehr zum Sofia Zentrum per Bus

16.30 Plenary Session/Plenum Theological criteria of recognition and non-recognition
Lecture 1: Veronika Hoffmann (RC), Siegen: Variations of recognition and the question of their theological foundation
Lecture 2 : Risto Saarinen (Luth), Helsinki: Theological criteria of recognition and non-recognition, a Lutheran Perspective
Augoustinos Bairactaris (Orth), Heraklion
Uwe Swarat (Bap), Elstal
18.00 Dinner/Abendessen

Mon 29 August Consequences/ Konsequenzen

07.30 Breakfast/Frühstück
08.30 Morning prayer / Morgengebet
09.00 Plenary session / Plenum: Anthropology and Ethics
Lecture 1: Przemyslaw Kantyka (RC), Lublin: The challenges and opportunities of moral issues in view of mutual recognition”
Lecture 2: Simone Sinn (Luth): The challenges and opportunities of gender issues in view of mutual recognition
10.30 Tea/Coffee
11.00 Plenary Session/Plenum: Theological reflections on the consequences of recognition and non- recognition in the local church context
Lecture 1: Gabriel Monet (SDA), Collonges-sous-Salève
Lecture 2: Pekka Metso (Orth), Joensuu

Lecture 3:Dagmar Stoltmann-Lukas (RC), Hildesheim


12.30 14.30 Lunch/Mittagessen
14.30-16.00 Small Papers 3/Kurzvorträge 3
16.00 Tea/Coffee//Tee/Kaffee
16.30 Membership Assembly I/Mitgliederversammlu ng I
18.00 Dinner/Abendessen
20.00 Membership Assembly II/Mitgliederversammlung II

Tue 30 August Conclusions Folgerungen

07.30 Breakfast/Frühstück
08.30 Morning prayer / Morgengebet
9.00 Plenary session / Plenum: Church and Society
Lecture 1: Ivana Noble, Prague: From non-recognition to recognition: ecclesial perspectives
Lecture 2 Heikki Huttunen, Helsinki/Brussels: From non-recognition to recognition: societal perspectives
10.30 Tea/Coffee //Tee/Kaffee
11.00 Plenary Session/Plenum
Closing session with a participatory panelThis session will bring together observations from the consultation and look towards the future
12.30 Lunch/Mittagessen Departure / Abreise