Places of youth street politics

Minttu Tikka & Titus Hjelm

According to cultural geographer Doreen Massey places are “constructed out of a particular constellation of social relations, meeting and weaving together at a particular locus” (1994, p. 154). In this project we have been ethnographically tracing the places that young people inhabit in their everyday life. Some of the places are more loose allowing spontaneous action and some of them more tight tolerating only use that is premeditated (see e.g. Franck & Stevens 2007). Here are some of the places of youth street politics we’ve encountered.

Commercial places: Shopping mall at Malmi


Semi-public places: ‘The tube’ connecting two areas at Malmi


Public places with ‘house’ rules: Skatepark at Tower Hamlets, London

2013-06-04 19.23.26

Restricted places: London and Malmi

2013-06-05 22.47.01

2013-06-19 11.23.38



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