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When we have meet, I will show you a kiosk, where you can buy a ticket for your stay and you can take advantage of the local public transport without any limitations. The visitors ticket is valid 7 days as longest and costs 32 euros. In addition to that, you can buy tickets for each extra day. A one day ticket costs 8 Euros, a two day ticket costs 12 Euros and a three day ticket costs 16 Euros. This kind of ticket will be much cheaper than bying constantly one way tickets that cost 2,20 Euros each. Compared with huge metropole cities like Soul, Helsinki is very small and easy to move. As, however, the central campus where the teaching takes place is a bit far away from your accomodation, it is to be recommeded to buy a ticket or the public transportation.

Near your accomodation there is the tram 3 T that can be used for sightseeing. It takes you to the most important targets of the city, including the market square, where you can find the local tourist information office. At the market square you can take ( by using your ticket) a small ferry to the fortress Suomenlinna.

There’s one thing I’d like to remind you and that is photographing in Finland.Every traveller loves taking photos and videos. In Finland you must be careful when photographing people, especially children. The parents are very sensitive with this issue and therefore a permission to take photos or videos must always be asked. When visiting the schools, you have to ask the principals for a permission for photographing. Taking the teaching sessions of this study program on a video is not allowed.

Finnish Meteorological Insitute




  • Töölö Towers

Address: Pohjoinen Hesperiankatu 23 A (main building)







Best weather pictures 2012.

In case someone will get interested in Finnish language, here are two
English-Finnish pages to have a look at the basics.

Oneness city Finland

Finnish for foreigners

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